Jochen Hartmann
a versatile multimedia designer and software engineer with over 10 years of industry experience. He has worked on a large range of projects including architectural design & exhibitions, as well as product design, web infrastructure, mobile applications and games.

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His work has been exhibited in the U.S. and internationally at the Museum of Modern Art, the MAK in Vienna and the 2016 Istanbul Design Biennial.

Past collaborations have included Audi, Columbia University GSAPP and S'well.

Prior to obtaining his M.Arch at Columbia University, Jochen worked as a software engineer at Google and Morgan Stanley and served as the Director of Technology at the Buckminster Fuller Institute.

Jochen currently serves as project lead and creative director for The Synapse, a large scale permanent installation located in the Renzo Piano designed interdisciplinary neuroscience building located on Columbia University's new campus.

Lobby space looking west towards the new campus
The Brain Index, a 24 x 24' robotic visualization machine
DTI model of a human brain showing the averaged alignment of neuronal tracts, colored according to their orientation
Video overview of the project
The Synapse
Zuckerman Institute, Columbia Neuroscience
Design, creative direction and managment for the implementation of a permanent installation for the Zuckerman Mind Brain Behavior Institute located in the Jerome L Greene Science Center opening in 2017.

Project lead under the direction of Laura Kurgan (Center for Spatial Research) and Mark Hansen (Brown Institute for Media Innovation) since 2014, starting with the creation of initial concepts and all the way up to schematic design. After multiple presentations to Renzo Piano, Lee Bollinger and other high level stakeholders, the project received its approval and is currently in full production with external fabricators and a content team.
2014 — ongoing
— Brain Index system is currently being fabricated for install at end of 2016
architectural design
game design
exhibit design
Installation view
Reconstructed mouse neuron from trace data etched into crystal glass
Neuron tracing detail showing dendritic spines
Neuroscience games adapted for tablet format
1 Brain, 100 Billion Neurons, 100 Trillion Connections
Center for Spatial Research, Istanbul Design Biennial
Development of exhibition content for the Center for Spatial Research submission currently on view at the Istanbul Design Biennial. Created multiple 3d models traced from neurons that were etched in crystal glass and developed four tablet-based video games based on contemporary neuroscience research.
— Project on display at the Istanbul Design Biennial, in Istanbul, Turkey
— Article describing the work on display within an architectural context is currently in progress
research project
game design
3d graphics
exhibit design
Plotting driving data around Ingolstadt, Germany
Visualization of driving behavior
Workshop at the NEW INC
Cognitive State Manager
Audi Data Intelligence, Consortia
Executed a working proof of concept prototype during a workshop with the Audi Data Intelligence team held at NEW INC, the New Museums' art incubator, presented by Consortia.
The cognitive state manager is a prototype system that develops audio environments in response to second order derivative shifts in driver behavior to gauge distraction and focus in drivers. Working in collaboration with Momo Araki and Dan Taeyong Lee, we developed a workflow for analyzing over 20 GB of car data provided by Audi which we converted into a 3d model that was synced to a DSP interface via Python and OSC.
Our prototype was able to analyze driving behavior and process a real time audio response to modulate a driver's cognitive state through non-visual cues. Other participants included accurat, Daniel Goddemayer & Moritz Stefaner.
software engineering
research project
digital audio
r apid prototyping
Development of single-page design and migration of eCommerce platform from Volusion into Shopify
Wireframing and implementation of multiple versions of the S'well website, since 2010
web infrastructure, eCommerce
Developed all aspects of web infrastructure and eCommerce integration for S'well, a rising startup that creates advanced re-usable water bottles. Designed, developed and managed the complete web infrastructure for S'well starting at 2010 when the company launched with just a single product. Successfully implemented several re-designs and built an HTML5 based bottle customizer interface.
2010 — 2014
web infrastructure
software engineering
Graphic Design Space Invaders
Karlsson Wilkers, NYC
Developed a custom javascript based web game for Karlsson Wilkers, an award-winning, NYC-based design agency. Game allows visitors to the Karlsson Wilkers web site to destroy highlights from graphic design going back to the 1960s and enter their score into a high-score list.
game design
SYMTACTICS printed in an edition of 20,000 copies shown at the Museum of Modern Art, NYC
Detail of the SYMTACTICS board, 33" x 22"
Detail of the SYMTACTICS board showing the time track and the eight sites around Hong Kong that players must intervene in before Uneven Growth reaches critical levels
Fish farms near Tai Tau Chao, one of the sites in the game
Travel, presentations and participation in public workshop in Vienna
Project published in av proyectos
Uneven Growth, MoMA, NYC
Participation in a year-long research effort to examine architectural solutions to solving global inequality for the Uneven Growth exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art. Working as part of the Network Architecture Lab, designed and developed a physical, multi-player game that simulates the dynamics of tactical urbanism set in a fictional Hong Kong in the year 2047.
The game allows for asymmetrical game play, exploiting natural tensions between cooperation and competition. It was produced in an edition of 20,000 and given away at the exhibition venues both in New York and at the MAK in Vienna. Symtactics was developed as a special supplement to the Hong Kong issue of the New City Reader in collaboration with Kazys Varnelis, Momo Araki, Robert Sumrell and Neil Donnelly.
2014 — current
— Participated in exhibition workshops in Shenzhen and Vienna during 2014 and co-taught a graduate level architecture studio at GSAPP, Columbia University
— Project on view at the MoMA in New York from Nov 2014 - May 2015
—Project exhibited at the MAK and the Vienna Biennale from June - Oct, 2015
— Multiple presentations about the project, game design and the function of games in architectural context at Parsons School of Design and GSAPP
— Published an article about the creation of Symtactics for ARPA Journal
— Currently developing content including a series of interviews dealing with games, simulations and their possible roles in architecture
research project
game design
Columbia University GSAPP web infrastructure (2012-2016)
GSAPP Events, an event calendaring system to handle calendars for programs in 8 regions across the globe
CC:GSAPP Newsletter generation system
GSAPP Web Infrastructure
Graduate School of Architecture, Preservation and Planning, Columbia University
Developed the entire web infrastructure for the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation at Columbia University while completing graduate studies.
Programming and engineering work included Drupal content management system design and module development, custom JavaScript front-end design to connect to various APIs, management of legacy infrastructure and maintenance of Linode server clusters.
Also developed several stand-alone sites such as the Buell Center site, both in collaboration with Leigha Dennis (graphic design) and Dan Taeyoung Lee (additional programming).
2011 — 2013
web infrastructure
software engineering
content management
GSAPP M.Arch and MS.Real-Estate Development dual studio
Development of incubator in Long Island City
Building the Innovation Machine
Speculative Real Estate Development
Design and development for a Brooklyn-based tech incubator to be located in Long Island city. Collaboration with Reece Satava, completed at GSAPP under direction from Laurie Hawkinson and Vishaan Chakrabati.
real estate
architectural design
research project
Spaceway Cable Holder
Control, Brooklyn
Working on close collaboration with Control, a Brooklyn-based modular synthesizer retailer on a number of custom fabrication projects from design and development in Solidworks to sourcing and managing the production process in collaboration with tri-state area metal fabrication facilities.
2015 — ongoing
Spaceway Cable Holder now available online
— other products in development
product design
digital fabrication
Block scale urbanism
Block element analysis
Urban Feng Shui
Living in the City
Global Chinatown Case Study, GSAPP
Award-winning architectural design project, completed for GSAPP Advanced Architecture Studio 6, under the direction of Juan Herreros.
urban design
architectural design
research project
Parametric re-distribution of micro zoning
Final report, available from Design Trust
Final report, available from Design Trust
Street level retail analysis
Making Midtown
Design Trust, NYC
Participant in the Making Midtown research project through Andy Bernheimer. The Making Midtown project is a follow up to Made in Midtown, a NYC funded project to investigate the urban conditions of New York City's garment district.
The second phase looked at the distribution of retail and residential spaces in the district, seeking solutions for how to rebalance existing leases to better meet the needs of local residents and fashion designers.
Developed a system to parametrically analyze program redistribution and optimization based on zoning and real estate use within various buildings in the Garment District.
data visualization
urban design
software engineering
Rendering of the waiting landscape
Project overview video
Terminal Condition, 2d iOS game
Michael Bloomberg Bridge, 8 lane high speed bridge for autonomous vehicles
Terminal Condition
GSAPP Advanced Studio
Speculative design project for advanced architectural studio directed by Kazys Varnelis. Project has been featured by Bruce Sterling in Wired and exhibited at the Dark Side of the Digital conference.
Also created 'The Terminal', an iOS game in which players get to explore the "waiting landscape" designed for the project.
architectural design
speculative fiction
3d graphics
Tactile Finance
data visualization
Implementation of a working javascript-based prototype for Tactile Finance, a startup giving clients total transparency into home financing.
software engineering